A lot of descendants of Czech immigrants who came to America do not know where their ancestors came from. Sometimes, it is a real problem to find documents that could provide us details as a locality which ancestors resided in Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia.

If you have the same trouble, we prepared for you lists of emigrants who left Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia. It is based on research done in files stored in the Czech Republic (not in America). Other names will be added based on future researches !!!
First of all check if your ancestor is recorded in our lists. For a quick use we recorded only first and last name in our lists of emigrants, an year of birth or emigration of a found person who was recorded here in emigration files (e = emigration, b = year of birth). Emigration files were sometimes done by authorities several years after or before a person decided to leave for America. It is recommended to search in our lists your ancestors 2-3 years before or after the date of immigration into America if you compare it with found American immigration documents.
Usually we can provided also more data on a person who decided to leave for America (as names of relatives). In the case you found a searched person in our lists, please contact us. We will consider your information which you know on searched people and compare it with our records. After being sure of a correct emigration file, we could provide you a complete extract of found emigration record.

For providing a complete extract from emigration record we charge 50 $ per surname. Comparing your data to our records is for free.

We hope that we can help you to find starting point for your genealogy that can show you a way to deeper roots in the Czech Republic.

Family Lines